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Further COVID-19 measures following national tightening

Further COVID-19 measures following national tightening

Remember to keep two meters away from others, or wear a face mask where sufficient distance cannot be kept. (Photo: Colourbox)

INN University is tightening its coronavirus measures further in accordance with new national rules and recommendations.

“Nationally, it has been decided that everyone should keep a distance of at least two meters from one another, and wear a face mask when the distance rule cannot be complied with. INN University is following this rule, which is a tightening of what has been the rule for us,” says emergency preparedness manager at INN University, Marit Torgersen.

It is the individual's responsibility to have face masks available, but for a period INN University will put out face masks for the use of those on its premises.

Stronger recommendation for home office

The government has also tightened its approach regarding the use of home office and has stipulated in regulations that employers must ensure that employees work from home anywhere where it is practically possible.

“For us, this means stricter rules in terms of the possibility to arrive at the workplace. Employees who provide services to students must still attend the campuses. Other employees who must attend to get their job done must clarify attendance with the immediate superior,” says HR director Lars Petter Mathisrud.

No changes to teaching

INN University has already switched to digital teaching where possible and will continue with digital teaching as a general rule. In some courses, for example, it may be necessary to carry out practical exercises that require physical attendance. This will continue, but will be implemented in line with current infection control advice.

“The practical activities that are planned for the coming weeks will continue because they are necessary for the students’ progress in their studies. This is also in line with national rules and recommendations,” says emergency preparedness manager Marit Torgersen.

INN University has previously stated that the infection control measures will apply until 11 April. This is now changed to 12 April, which is the same date as the national authorities have set for the rules and recommendations that were introduced on the night of Thursday 25 March.

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