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First Slippery Slope Normativity Summit 2020 to be held in Lillehammer

First Slippery Slope Normativity Summit 2020 to be held in Lillehammer

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The summit will be held at Scandic Victoria Hotel Lillehammer on 6-7 March.

The Normativity Research Group at INN University is pleased to invite participants to the first annual Slippery Slope Normativity Summit, to be held in Lillehammer 6-7 March 2020.

The summit is organized by associate professor  Andreas Brekke Carlsson and associate professor  Knut Olav Skarsaune and will revolve around themes such as metaethics, normative ethics, as well as agency and responsibility.

Some social activities are planned as well.


Place: Møterom 103/104, Scandic Victoria Hotel, Storgata 84B, Lillehammer.

Friday 6th March

13:30:      Tomi Francis (Oxford): "An Improved Impossibility Theorem in Population Axiology"

14:45:      Hannah Tierney (Sydney) & Eyal Tal (Cologne): "Cruel Intentions: How Considerations of Wrongness Itself Affect Moral Worth"

16:            Jay Jian (Oxford): "In Defense of the Executive Conception of Instrumental Rationality"

17:15        Daniel Fogal (NYU) & Olle Risberg (Uppsala) "Reasons and Explanations (or: Reasons Last)"

Saturday 7th March

13:30:      Petra Kosonen (Oxford): "Discounting Small Probabilities in Moral Decisions”

14:45:      Gunnar Björnsson (Stockholm): "Blame, Criticism and Normativity”

16:            Guus Duindam (Michigan): “Moral Worth, Permissibility, and Kant’s Formula of Universal Law”

17:15        Edgar Philips (Fribourg): "Sentimental Reasons”


All students and colleagues are most welcome to attend! If you would like to attend, you are kindly asked to message