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First PhD student from Vietnam at Lillehammer campus

First PhD student from Vietnam at Lillehammer campus

Kerstin Søderstrøm with INN University’s project partners in Vietnam. (Photo: Private.)

Ho Thu Ha is an exchange student and visiting researcher from Vietnam, and arrived in Lillehammer on January 4th.

She is here in connection with INN University's exchange and internationalization project “Safe & Sound”, which focuses on childhood, health and development in a global perspective.

The project is one of several Norwegian partnership programmes for global academic cooperation where the aim is to improve the quality of higher education in Norway and developing countries through academic cooperation and mutual student mobility. Ha is the first of four PhD candidates to undertake part of their research at Lillehammer campus.

The current fall semester sees the start of an educational opportunity for master's students in the field of psychology, health and social studies, Safe & Sound - International master's semester. The Faculty of Health and Social Sciences is involved in the initiative which is open to our students, students at the University of Bergen and Vietnam National University – University of Education, with which Ha is affiliated.

Enjoying Lillehammer

“It is not purely easy to travel so far to get the opportunity to learn new things and experience a new culture. I have been here for a month now, and enjoy the city, the people and the whole experience so much that I can hardly wait to share my experiences with future Vietnamese students coming here.”

Ha experiencing winter in Inland Norway with Safe & Sound project manager Kerstin Söderström. Photo: Private.

Ha experiencing winter in Inland Norway with Safe & Sound project manager Kerstin Söderström. (Photo: Private.)








Application deadline February 15th

For students at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences the deadline for applying for this programme is February 15th, 2020, and the application form can be found here. The programme is aimed at those who wish to learn about children's health and development from an international perspective, and collaborate with students from a different background. The aim is to provide an increased global understanding, and the semester is designed to provide students with knowledge of how negative childhood experiences, crisis and disasters affect health and sustainable development.

“I had heard about the project before it was launched and was interested in its goals and significance. I was confident that I would learn a lot from others who are part of the project community, in addition to wanting to learn more about Norway and experience academic life here,” says Ha.

Specializes in psychology

Ha is now in her final year of the doctoral programme in clinical psychology at the University of Education, Vietnam National University. She is working on her thesis focusing on adolescent behaviour and the health risks associated with, among other things, poor diet, physical inactivity and/or alcohol abuse and smoking, and how these factors can lead to emotional problems.

She is also a faculty member at the university, and also works as a psychotherapist where she specializes in psychiatric disorders in children.

“The goal is to complete my PhD thesis and defend it here. I also want to increase my competence through participation in workshops, conferences and other academic forums within mental health. In addition, I want to contribute as much as possible to the Safe & Sound project.”

The internationalization project also has its own website, where Ha has blogged about life in Lillehammer. You can read it here.