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Distance requirement during teaching activities has been re-evaluated

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INN University is to return to ordinary teaching from Monday 6 September, but maintains the requirement of one-meter’s distance until then.

“According to the authorities’ definition, students are considered protected from 6 September and will have been offered at least one vaccine dose by then. Therefore, we will follow the government’s recommendation to facilitate the most ordinary everyday life for our students from this date,” says Pro-Rector for Education, Stine Grønvold.

The government has stipulated on 13 August that universities and university colleges could be exempted from the distance requirement in teaching situations from the start of the current academic year.

INN University had already planned for an academic year start featuring a distance of at least one meter between the students, or with risk-reducing measures such as the use of face masks in teaching and practice situations where the distance requirement could not be kept. The institution’s plan was drawn up for the sake of students who are not immunised, and in order to reduce the risk of infection.

Ensuring positive learning outcomes

“The majority of students benefit most from teaching when they are allowed to be present and participate together. We therefore believe it is right to return to teaching with physical attendance when the degree of immunisation among students is as high as it will be at the beginning of September,” says Grønvold.

“We have a year and a half behind us with a state of emergency for the students and look forward to welcoming them back to lecture halls and classrooms again,” she adds.

Students will be informed in more detail in the learning platform Canvas about what applies to them individually.

Infection control guidelines and self-testing

It is in teaching situations that the requirement of one-meter’s distance to others will no longer apply. INN University encourages students to continue following the authorities' infection control guidelines outside teaching situation, in order to help reduce the risk of infection.

The infection control guidelines recommend keeping your distance from others, washing your hands, and staying at home and getting tested if you start displaying symptoms.

See the authorities’ updated infection control guidelines

In the first three weeks after the start of the academic year, INN University shall distribute rapid tests to students, and encourages everyone to get tested regularly, at least twice a week. This is also a measure aimed at reducing the risk of infection spread.

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Pro-Rector for Education Stine Grønvold