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Digital teaching to continue, but physical attendance for smaller groups is permitted

Digital teaching to continue, but physical attendance for smaller groups is permitted

Teaching at INN University will continue mainly through digital channels in the coming weeks. (Photo: Colourbox)

INN University is following the government's recommendation and continues to conduct digital teaching where possible, but allows for activity in small groups in labs and special rooms.

“I am glad that the infection prevention situation makes it possible to resume some activity at our campuses. At the same time, the government's easing of measures does not entail major changes for INN University, which already in December decided that digital teaching would be the guiding rule throughout January,” says Rector Kathrine Skretting.

No lectures in larger groups

The government presented its new assessment of infection control measures on Monday afternoon.

See press release from the Ministry of Education and Research from 18.01.21  

The government recommends implementing digital teaching where possible, and declares that lectures with larger groups should be avoided. At the same time, the government allows for physical education in study programmes that require access to equipment, rehearsal rooms or similar needs.

The government also holds that students in areas with low infection should have the opportunity for physical attendance in small groups at least once a week, provided that the infection control rules are followed.

“With almost 16,000 students, a closer assessment of who is to be prioritised in terms of weekly teaching in small groups, and planning this teaching is required. Each faculty will inform its students about what applies to them going forward,” says Skretting.

Home-office work to continue

The government continues to encourage home office work for employees who have the opportunity to do so. This is in line with the recommendation that came right after the turn of the year.

INN University sees a need for a number of employees to be present at the campuses, among other things to take care of students and their needs. Who needs to be present is clarified between each individual employee and her/his immediate superior.

The government also requests that travel – both domestically and abroad – be avoided, unless absolutely necessary. Students' journey to campus is considered a necessary journey. The same applies to employees who cannot work from home and must be present on campus.

The Government emphasises that the infection situation is still uncertain, and that there may be measure-tightening again if the infection figures take a turn for the worse.

Updated infection control guide

The need for infection control measures is still significant as activity at the campuses increases again. INN University has updated its infection prevention guide and asks all students and staff to familiarise themselves with the measures that apply to them.

See INN University’s Infection prevention guide

“As an aid, we have created an infection prevention crash course that I encourage all students and staff to spend a few minutes on; the course is presented as an animation that provides a useful reminder of how we can avoid the spread of infection,” says Kathrine Skretting.

See INN University’s Crash Course in Infection Prevention (for students)

See INN University’s Crash Course in Infection Prevention (for employees)


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