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COVID-19 measures to continue, with some adjustments

COVID-19 measures to continue, with some adjustments

Most of the teaching at INN University will continue to take place through digital channels, and the encouragement to employees to work from home still applies. (Photo: Colourbox)

INN University extends the current coronavirus measures, but allows for practical training at the Norwegian Film School in Oslo.

Following the outbreak of a mutated COVID-19 variant in several municipalities in Eastern Norway, INN University tightened its coronavirus measures. The institutional emergency preparedness organisation discussed the situation on 1 February and concluded that the current measures should be extended.

The applicable measures are:

  • The Norwegian Film School’s premises in Oslo are still closed, but exceptions are granted for students who depend on access to the premises for practical purposes or for skills-training, in order to avoid delays in their studies.
  • Throughout February, the transition to digital teaching will still be necessary. Activities and exercises that cannot be digitised, and which must be carried out to ensure students' progression, are prioritised in the planning of on-campus teaching.
  • As a general rule, a switch has been made from written school examinations to other examination formats until the end of the academic year, where this is considered academically justifiable.
  • The campuses are open, but it is important to follow the relevant infection control rules such as keeping your distance from others and practising good hand hygiene.
  • The call for employees to work from home if they can, still applies.
  • Unnecessary travel is to be avoided, also between campuses.
  • Strictly necessary travel is allowed in order to carry out teaching that cannot be conducted digitally, and which is necessary for the students’ progression, also from municipalities with stricter measures than the national coronavirus measures.

Wishing to be predictable

“The consequence of our measures is a less active student life than what we would have liked to offer. The coronavirus situation is unpredictable and constantly changing, and it has consequences for what activities we can carry out,” says Rector Kathrine Skretting. 

There is variation between campuses and between courses and study programmes, in terms of which activities can be carried out through physical attendance. Each individual faculty will inform its students about what applies to them.

“We wish to be as predictable as we can. Therefore, we declare already now that we choose alternatives to written school exams this spring, as far as is academically sound,” says the rector.

INN University's emergency preparedness organisation is now making plans to ensure the institution is as well prepared as possible in the event of an outbreak of the mutated coronavirus variant in our region.