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COVID-19 measures at the start of the academic year

Smiling students sitting together at a table.

The academic year starts on Monday 16 August and students are set to return to INN University. Photo: Elen Sonja Klouman / INN University.

INN University has published updated information for students and staff about applicable coronavirus measures upon the start of the academic year on Monday 16 August.

Both students and staff are asked to follow national infection control guidelines.

INN University has planned for all students to partake in on-campus learning from the beginning of this academic year. Some study programmes will follow a combined format, in which the students will partake in some digital learning.

Registration of who is present at lectures and other venues is planned in order to assist in infection tracking.

Self-tests for distribution will be available in the weeks after the start of the academic year to detect any coronavirus infection early and to prevent the spread of infection. INN University encourages both students and staff to get tested.

Employees can attend their workplace as normal, as long as infection control advice is followed. Those who plan on working from home shall do so by agreement with their immediate superior.

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