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COVID-19 measures adjusted following national changes

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COVID-19 measures at INN University have been reverted back to a similar level as applied before Easter, following the change in national measures.

The emergency preparedness group at the institution has determined how the government's change in national measures from 16 April will be followed up by INN University. The relevant social distancing rules are one of the points that is changing back to the situation from before Easter.

“We recommend that everyone who is present on our premises keeps at least one-meter distance from others, in line with the national recommendation. In recent weeks, the advice has been to keep two meters away,” says emergency preparedness manager at INN University, Marit Torgersen.

Home office recommendation still applies

COVID-19 measures related to teaching and examinations are largely continued as before. INN University also still recommends that employees who have the opportunity to do so work from home.

“In recent weeks, we have practised home office as the main rule for our employees and have had strict practice for exceptions from this. We perceive that the new national measures allow for somewhat laxer rules, following a dialogue between manager and employee. Still recommending home office work is aimed at providing increased security for the students, as well as the employees who for various reasons must be present at the campuses,” says Torgersen.

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INN University also encourages employees and students to download and use the authorities’ Smittestopp app – the new contact tracing app from NIPH.