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Changes in teaching at Hamar campus

Changes in teaching at Hamar campus

INN University's campuses in Hamar and Blæstad have introduced restrictions on the number of people who are allowed to be present in a group during practical experiential learning. In most other cases teaching is offered digitally, as a result of the development in infection spread in the Hamar region. (Photo: INN University).

The introduction of local measures related to the infection situation in Ringsaker, Hamar, Stange and Løten has resulted in changes in INN University's activity in Hamar and Blæstad.

INN University has, in consultation with the municipal doctor in Hamar, decided on the following follow-up measures at the two campuses in Hamar municipality:

  • Most of the teaching is offered digitally during the autumn semester, but exceptions can be made for certain types of teaching such as practical-aesthetic subjects, scientific courses, game-related study programmes, biotech and practical experiential learning at Blæstad. The condition is that the groups do not exceed 20 people.
  • The threshold for the use of home office for employees will be lowered further in the next two weeks.
  • In consultation with leaders in the four municipalities, the practical experiential learning of our teaching and teacher education students in schools and kindergartens will go on as planned. The prerequisite is that there are no significant changes in the infection situation in the coming days.
  • However, internship supervisors at INN University will not go on internship visits to the schools. These practical experiential learning supervisors are usually out at several schools daily and pose a greater risk of cross-contact than students who are present at the same school or kindergarten for long periods of time.

In addition, all oral exams at the Faculty of Education during autumn semester 2020, both at Hamar and Lillehammer, will be conducted digitally via Zoom.

The faculty will also not conduct written school examinations at the campuses. These have been replaced by other forms of examination.


Dean Morten Ørbeck at the Faculty of Education, tel.: 976 91 867.