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Campuses in Hamar area temporarily closed

Man's hands with stop sign between them and COVID-19 written under.

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INN University has temporarily closed its Hamar and Blæstad campuses as a result of strict coronavirus measures in the Hamar region.

It is the municipal doctors and the municipalities' crisis management teams in Stange, Hamar, Løten and Ringsaker who have decided to introduce infection control measures at a particularly high level.

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For INN University, the infection situation entails several measures that affect both students and employees. In the first instance, the measures apply until week 21.

Closed to students

For students at Hamar and Blæstad, this means closed campuses. Lecture rooms, group rooms, cafeterias, bookstores and libraries are kept closed. The library maintains a digital ordering service that allows students to order books online and pick them up at the campus.

Students and staff will still be able to enter the buildings with access cards and codes in order to pick up or deliver books and other equipment, use printers and copy machines.

Exemptions are being applied for a small number of students and staff who must be present at the two campuses in order to be able to maintain necessary operation. These will be given further information on how to conduct their activities. 

Students who live in the Hamar region, but study in Lillehammer, Rena, Evenstad or Elverum, can travel to these campuses if it is absolutely necessary in order to avoid being delayed in their studies.

Home office for employees

All employees who live in the Hamar region or work at the campuses in Hamar are required to work from home next week. Exceptions are only granted for necessary operational tasks or tasks related to students' progression that must be carried out on campus. Employees who are unsure of what applies to them should contact their immediate superior.

If necessary, employees can access the premises at Hamar and Blæstad to pick up equipment or other necessary items, but can only stay in the buildings for a brief time.

INN University also asks employees at all campuses to avoid travelling to and from Hamar, Stange, Ringsaker or Løten as far as possible. Exceptions may be made for travel that is strictly necessary, for example to maintain student progression.

In case of symptoms – get tested

The strict measures in the Hamar region have been introduced to put an end to an ongoing outbreak of infection.

The municipalities have increased the test capacity in the region as a result of the outbreak. It is important that all students and staff who have symptoms that may indicate coronavirus infection get tested.

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