Hua (Helen) Wang and Arvind Singhal

Principal Investigator Hua (Helen) Wang, PhD, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York; and Principal Investigator Arvind Singhal, PhD, professor of Communication at UTEP and adjunct professor at INN University.

Professor Arvind Singhal has been honoured with the 2017 American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) Editor’s Choice Award – Best Paper of the Year.

Singhal is employed at Inn University’s Department of Economics and Management at Campus Rena.

Singhal’s main affiliation is the University of Texas at El Paso, but is also employed in a 20 percent position as adjunct professor at INN University. He has, along with his colleague – professor Hua (Helen) Wang of The State University of New York – published the article "East Los High: Transmedia Edutainment to Promote the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young Latina/o Americans". It has been named AJPH’s Best Paper of the Year.

The American Journal of Public Health is the world's leading scientific journal in the field of health, and winning the Editor's Choice Award of this journal is for academics the equivalent of winning the Oscar," says a proud professor Arvind Singhal.

The paper revolves East Los High, a multimedia edutainment programme targeting American youth with Latin American background. The programme aims to promote sexual and reproductive health. Young Americans with Latin American background are at a high risk for contracting sexually transmitted diseases as well as for adolescent pregnancies, and previous measures taken by the authorities have had little effect.

Central to the campaign is the East Los High TV series. The researchers found that the series captures a wide audience, creates strong emotional and social engagement, and has led to a better climate for discussing and disseminating knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases, high-risk behaviours, and unwanted adolescent pregnancy, in the target group.

Read the paper on the website of the American Journal of Public Health

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