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Assessing possibility for further transition to home exams

Assessing possibility for further transition to home exams

Reduced travel, digital meetings, and home examinations are some of the measures implemented to ensure minimizing the spread of Covid-19 infection. (Photo: INN University)  

As a general rule, INN University has switched from written school exams to home exams this autumn as a result of the development in the Covid-19 situation. Employees are also asked to opt for digital meetings in order to reduce travel.

“Coronavirus infection is increasing in cities in Inland County, and we must be prepared for the possibility that the development continues. Experience has shown that the infection situation in our region is a few weeks behind the development in Oslo,” says Rector Kathrine Skretting.

Striving to ensure students’ ability to take exams

The emergency preparedness team at INN University decided on October 28th that a new assessment of the possibilities for reorganizing written school examinations for the autumn semester shall be carried out. The main rule will be switching to other forms of examination where academically justifiable.

“When the infection in society increases, it also becomes more likely that we must implement new restrictions that may have consequences for normal operations and examinations. Students could also be quarantined and not be allowed to attend on-campus exams. We reduce risk by changing the form of examination so that students avoid being delayed in their studies,” says Pro-Rector for Education, Stine Grønvold.

The plan for such a reorganization has been ready from before October 1st and the faculties at INN University are now being asked to update their plans before they are implemented.

If the faculties believe that alternative forms of examination are not academically justifiable in certain courses, they can be granted an exemption. In such cases, the rule is that there shall be no more than 200 students present and that the applicable rules for infection control shall be observed in connection with the examination.

Limiting travel

INN University asks those in managerial roles and employees to consider whether travel and physical meetings that are planned are strictly necessary, and to opt for digital meetings solutions if possible. When it is considered necessary to meet in person, an option for digital participation should be made available as well.

“Reduced travel helps to minimize the risk of infection spreading. We ask all employees to participate in the joint effort and limit travel – including between our various campuses,” says emergency preparedness manager Marit Torgersen.

Home office in red zones

INN University's employees and guest lecturers who live in Oslo or other municipalities with a red infection status are asked to opt for home office work as far as is practically possible.

The background for this is that the City Council of Oslo, starting Thursday October 29th, has introduced an order for mandatory home office.

Employees who teach and are affected by the order must switch to digital teaching as far as is practically possible. In order to provide the greatest possible predictability for our students, this change applies until the end of 2020.

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