Advent candles lighting at INN University Lillehammer

Advent candles lighting at INN University Lillehammer

The Norwegian Film School students will partake in the Lucia procession on Thursday, December 13th (photo: Sigrun Dancke Skaare/INN University).

True to tradition, we mark the advent season at INN University’s Lillehammer campus in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Welcome to the festive events!

The joy of what awaits

“Advent time is a time when we are encouraged to live a bit slower and enjoy the magical moments,” says student chaplain Anne Anker Bolstad. “We are so easy to forget to stop and to be present in the moment.”

It is perhaps our biggest challenge in December, to not rush towards Christmas, but to enjoy what awaits.

"I miss you" Christmas tree

The "I miss you” Christmas tree has been up since Monday December 3rd (photo: INN University)

The "I miss you" Christmas tree has been up since Monday, December 3rd (photo: INN University).

The first event was held on Monday December 3rd at 09:00 at Glassgården – the lighting of the first advent candle and a performance by the  student choir Lille Røst.

On the same day the "I miss you" Christmas tree was put up, on which everyone can hang an ornament bearing the the name or names of loved ones they are missing.

The next event is Monday, December 10th at 09:00. The ladies of the Centre for Lifelong Learning and the gentlemen from the Faculty of Audiovisual Media and Creative Technologies will be singing for us.

The Norwegian Film School's Lucia procession

One of the year's highlights will take place on Thursday, December 13th, at 09:00, in which students from the Norwegian Film School will partake in the candlelit Lucia procession, clad in white robes and featuring beautiful singing. This is certainly not an event to be missed!

Lighting the candles

The last advent event will take place on Monday December 17th. Professor Dag Leonardsen and Associate Professor Bjarne Øvrelid will lead us on piano in order to get everyone in a festive mood, among other surprises.

Every day, the student welfare organisation (SINN) will be serving gløgg and gingerbread to everyone at Glassgården!

We welcome all students, staff and friends, and wish you all a joyful holiday season!