Applicable COVID-19 measures at the start of the 2021 academic year

INN University follows national and local measures decided upon by the infection control authorities. If necessary, INN University's emergency preparedness management implements its own measures that apply to students and employees. The overview below shows INN University's applicable measures.

The information below was updated on Friday 13 August 2021. The page will be updated in the event of any changes.

Infection control guidelines

INN University encourages all students and staff to follow national infection control guidelines, which still consist of:

  • Hand washing
  • Keeping distance from others
  • Staying home and getting tested in the event of illness
  • Limiting social contact

See overview of national rules and recommendations (

Crash Course in Infection Prevention and Control – for students

Crash Course in Infection Prevention and Control – for employees

For students

Teaching and practical activities

INN University has planned for all students to partake in on-campus learning from the beginning of this academic year. Some study programmes will follow a combined format, in which the students will partake in some digital learning.

INN University follows the applicable rules for reopening, and has taken the necessary measures to ensure that students will also have a meter’s distance in the classrooms from the beginning of the academic year. 

On Friday 13 August, the government announced an exception for students regarding distance in teaching. We will change the current plans as soon as possible in order to be able to fill the classrooms again. In some areas this is easy to achieve, and in other areas it may take some time to implement. Students will be informed via the learning platform Canvas regarding what applies to them.

Access to premises

INN University’s buildings are accessible between 07:00 and 22:00 using a card and code.

The doors are open without a card and code between 08:00 and 15:30.

Testing of students during start-up week

For three weeks from Monday 16 August, INN University and Studentsamskipnaden i Innlandet (SINN) will distribute rapid tests at all campuses. The rapid tests are free. At the Rena campus, Åmot municipality distributes tests on INN University's premises on Tuesday and Friday.

The rapid tests do not eliminate the need to follow the authorities’ infection control advice or to take an ordinary coronavirus test if illness is suspected. The rapid tests serve as a supplement that can help us detect any infection early on, and prevent the infection from spreading.

Each individual carries out the test themselves. Those who test positive, must contact the municipality to get further guidance and an appointment for an ordinary COVID-19 test. The telephone number to be used will be supplied when handing out the rapid test kits. In case of a positive rapid test result, you must be quarantined until receiving an answer to the ordinary test.

If the ordinary test result is also positive, the municipality will carry out infection tracking to identify close contacts who must also be tested.

Testing of students in case of infection outbreak

If infection is detected among students at INN University, it is the relevant host municipality that follows up the outbreak with infection detection and testing of close contacts.

Close contacts will be asked to take a rapid test.

Anyone who receives a positive rapid test result, or displays possible COVID-19 symptoms, should contact the municipality for further testing.

Find the contact information for your municipality (

Registration of attendance

This autumn, INN University will facilitate the registration of attendance at lectures and other venues in order to be able to assist in infection detection. This is in line with orders from the Ministry of Education.

A number of rooms are equipped with QR codes that students are to scan with their mobile phones in order to register attendance. In some contexts, attendance will be registered in other ways.

Vaccination of students

Many students will have received the first vaccine dose by the start of their studies.

INN university is in dialogue with the host municipalities about further vaccination, and the municipalities are ready to vaccinate the students who have not been vaccinated so far, as well as to provide the second dose to all students. This page will be updated with information about this shortly.

For INN University employees


Employees who partake in teaching must, from the start of the academic year, implement this as planned. The extent of on-campus, digital or combined teaching will vary between different study programmes according to the plans that have been made thus far.

INN University follows the applicable rules for reopening, but has chosen to insist that students must also have a meter’s distance in the classrooms until step four of the government's reopening plan takes effect.

When we are in step four, the faculties will consider how plans can be changed in order to return to the most normal situation possible.

Access to premises

INN university employees have access to the buildings between 06:00 and 22:00 with a card and code.

The doors are open without a card and code between 08:00 and 15:30.

Attendance and home office

Employees are welcome to work more from their office workspace from the start of the academic year. All employees present at the campuses must comply with infection control advice and rules, including the requirement to keep one meter away from others.

If there is a need to limit the number of employees who are physically present on campus, priority is given to those who must attend the workplace to perform tasks that are central to keeping the campuses open, or who for other reasons must work from campus. Each immediate superior makes the call regarding this.

Employees who can perform their tasks well enough from home can, by agreement with their immediate superior, work from home or practice a combination of home office and attendance.

Employees who for health or other special reasons need to work from home should clarify this with their immediate superior.


Domestic travel and travel between the campuses can be carried out according to the applicable infection control measures.

Employees who travel from areas with special measures must relate to measures in their home municipality also when travelling to another municipality.

Events and seminars

Necessary events can be held for INN University's employees with up to 100 participants.

The responsible manager / organiser at INN university is responsible for assessing whether the event must be carried out with physical attendance. A risk assessment shall be carried out as a basis for whether the event is to be held. Applicable infection control measures must be followed upon implementation.