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Information regarding the Coronavirus

Both students and staff are encouraged to stay up to date on current infection control measures.

Please remember to practice good hygiene and to keep your distance from others. People with symptoms of respiratory infection should not arrive at INN University campuses, and should get tested for coronavirus / COVID-19.

INN University follows the guidelines of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health for when you can be present on campus and when you should stay at home.

Wondering whether you should be present on campus?

Are you suspecting that you may be infected with the coronavirus?

If someone you live in the same household with (or are in close proximity to) is waiting for a result of a COVID-19 test, you should stay home until a negative result is available.

If you are in doubt about whether you should stay at home in anticipation of test results, you can contact the leader of the local crisis management team / person in charge at your campus, who will help you in this assessment.

Are you wondering if you are a “close contact”?

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