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Information regarding the Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is constantly evolving and has major consequences for society. On this page you will find information about how INN University deals with the ongoing pandemic.

Infection control measures

INN University encourages students and staff to follow all infection control measures and recommendations that are provided by national and local authorities.

The emergency preparedness management at the institution continuously assesses the need for dedicated measures that will apply to students and employees, and informs about these on a separate information page.

See the relevant COVID-19 measures at INN University (

Reducing the risk of infection

Everyone has a responsibility to help reduce the risk of infection spreading at INN University.

Remember to practice good hand hygiene and to keep your distance from others, in line with the national authorities’ infection control advice.

Consider a face mask in situations where you cannot keep a sufficient distance from others.

Read more about hand and cough hygienesocial distancing and use of face mask on the website of the National Institute of Public Health.   

See also:
INN University’s Infection Prevention Guide (
Crash Courses in Infection Prevention and Control for students and for employees (

In case of illness or suspected illness

Stay home and do not arrive at the campus. Contact your local healthcare authority regarding a COVID-19 test.

You should also stay home if someone you have close contact with, or live in the same household with, is waiting for an answer to a COVID-19 test (Waiting Quarantine). Only when the test is confirmed to be negative can you return to the campus.

If in doubt, the local emergency preparedness team leader, or the person in charge at your campus, can help you decide when to stay home.

Read about what to do if you are ill or suspect you are ill with COVID-19 (Norwegian Institute of Public Health)

COVID-19 testing

Local health authorities are responsible for testing when COVID-19 is suspected. Contact the health authorities if you think that you should be tested.

Read more about testing, symptoms and close contacts and find contact information for your municipality (

Information from the authorities

Here are some key websites that will provide you with more information about the coronavirus and the ongoing pandemic:

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