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Infection prevention guide

At INN University, infection control measures are adapted to the relevant populations and the role each person fulfils. Above all, our goal is that each student will be able to complete her or his studies in a safe and effective way. If you are an employee, we wish to ensure your safety when you carry out your work – either from home or on campus.

The three main pillars for slowing the spread of covid-19 infection are prioritized thus:

1. Sick people should not attend INN University campuses

  • The most important infection control measure is that sick people stay at home.

2. Good hygiene

  • Cough hygiene and keeping a distance from others are essential to limit airborne infection, while hand hygiene – and in particular avoiding touching one’s face with unclean hands – is important for the prevention of indirect contact infection.

3. Reduced frequency of contact between people

  • Increased physical distance between people reduces the possibility of infection, even before symptoms of illness occur.