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Faculty of Audiovisual Media and Creative Technologies

Faculty of Audiovisual Media and Creative Technologies (AMEK) offers practice-oriented educations within the fields og AR and VR, 3D animation, game technology and TV production, as well as theoretical studies in film- and television science.

The faculty is home to a large interdisciplinary academic community with expertise in audiovisual media. We work closely with the industry and have many collaborations with games-, TV- and film industry.

The faculty offers studies at BA level in Animation and Digital Art, Game Technology and Simulation, TV directing, TV management and TV technician. We also offer an add-on programme in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

We have a ph.d in Audiovisual media in collaboration with Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and offer continuing education in Film Music Composition.

The faculty has 55 permanent employees and 550 students. Employees work with reasearch, artistic development work and other development work within the field of audiovisual production and creative technology.