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Faculty of Applied Ecology, Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology

The Faculty of Applied Ecology, Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology offers study programmes in sustainable agriculture, forestry and outlying areas, including products and services that can be developed from biological material.

Our research within applied ecology, agricultural sciences and biotechnology is closely linked to our study programmes at the faculty. The research is based on sustainable production, the use and management of biological resources, such as wildlife, fish, forestry, plants and livestock – including products and services developed from biological material.

We focus on innovation with the aim of a sustainable and responsible business conduct within all our disciplines.

Internationalization is a central focus area for the faculty and we partake in international networks aimed at increasing the quality in our bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programmes ( Despite the fact that many of our research questions revolve regional matters, our research and study programmes still hold a high international level. Similarly, we also work with international issues on a regional level.