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Vladimir Naumov

Associate Professor
Faculty of Applied Ecology, Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology
Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management
Visiting address:
Studiested Evenstad
Anne Evenstads veg 80
2480 Koppang
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Mailing address:
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
Postboks 400
2418 Elverum


My principal research interests lie in the field of spatial planning in Forest Management, landscape ecology and forest biodiversity, which are grounded in the passion for boreal forest and its inhabitants.

In 2008 I completed a bachelor project that focused on bird species associated with old-growth forest and included comparative analysis based on bird counts in the field in forest landscapes in Norway, Sweden and NW Russia. Further, my master thesis handled on how natural disturbances such as wildfires influence forest management in NW Russia at the operational level. This interest in forest ecosystems led me to start a PhD journey in Sweden (SLU) that focused on how to balance timber production and biodiversity conservation goals in forest management. These goals are rival and, therefore, hard to achieve at the same time and space. In my PhD thesis I explored barriers and bridges for intensified wood production and biodiversity conservation in NW Russia’s boreal forests.

I specifically analysed how timber production and biodiversity conservation goals are actually balanced on the ground by comparing indicators for these goals in Sweden, Latvia, Belarus and NW Russia. Further, I tested whether there were any biophysical obstacles to intensified wood production in NW Russia, by comparing tree growth rates of young coniferous species at 4 different latitudes in NW Russia and in Sweden. Finally, I reviewed the history of forest zoning policy, which is an influential mechanism to conserve biodiversity in Russian forests, and assessed if zoning policy change towards intensification did have a negative effect on riparian forests, e.g. biodiversity conservation.

The current (2019) focus of my research activities is on connecting bioeconomy and biodiversity conservation through landscape-based transdisciplinary research in boreal forest of Scandinavia and NW Russia.