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Kåre Letrud

Associate Professor
Inland School of Business and Social Sciences
Department of Law
Visiting address:
Studiested Lillehammer
Gudbrandsdalsvegen 350
2624 Lillehammer
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Mailing address:
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
Postboks 400
2418 Elverum


My Dr. Philos thesis sought to explicate scientific myths as insufficiently corroborated statements that are widely proliferated in formal academic channels of publications, and to demarcate these myths from pseudoscience. I also tried to explain how such myths  spread in academic publications, and why they are not corrected and removed from the literature. The project developed an extensive case-study of the diffusion and origins of the Learning Pyramid models.

I often work together with Chief Librarian Sigbjørn Hernes, addressing issues in the theory of science using bibliometrical and bibliographical methods..


Latest publications:

Letrud, K., & Hernes, S. (2019). Affirmative citation bias in scientific myth debunking: a three-in-one case study. Plos One, 9(14). doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0222213

Letrud, K. (2019). The Gordian Knot of Demarcation: Tying up some loose ends. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 32(1), 3-11. doi:10.1080/02698595.2019.1618031

Letrud, K., & Hernes, S. (2018). Excavating the origin of the learning pyramid myth. Cogent Education, 5(1). doi:10.1080/2331186X.2018.1518638

Letrud, K., & Hernes, S. (2016). The diffusion of the learning pyramid myths in academia: an exploratory study. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 48(3), 291-302. doi:10.1080/00220272.2015.1088063

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