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Ionut-Lucian Achiricioaei

Associate Professor
Faculty of Audiovisual Media and Creative Technologies
Department of Game Development – The Game School
Visiting address:
Studiested Hamar
Holsetgata 31
2318 Hamar
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Mailing address:
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
Postboks 400
2418 Elverum


My name is Ionut Lucian Achiricioaei, I am a general 3D artist sometimes called a 3D generalist. I first started working with 3D early in 2012. After following a computer programming course in Romania I decided that my true love was 3D so I came to UK to study 3D Animation and Games later I have graduated bachelors degree with honors in 2016 at Middlesex University London, where through hard work and study I established a firm foundation in 3D. Through personal studies and projects I further developed my skills such as: 3D conceptualizing, sculpting, low poly modeling, retopology, rigging, animation, lighting and rendering among other artistic skills. And there is a say in Romania : 'The more you learn the more you discover that you don't know anything.'

For my FMP I managed to solo create a VR experience completed in Unreal Engine and released on Steam, as early as 2016 called “Jonah's Path”. It was among the first VR experiences released on the market at that time.

Taking on this path of a 3D generalist meant I had better understanding of the asset / creature / character pipeline also meant that I had to cover a broader palette of technical and artistic skills in the same time it meant more time and effort invested, but as usual the hard work pays off eventually.

Further down, I specialized more into hard surface / organic and vehicle design, culminating with a personal design of a mechanoid-robot which participated at Metropia Challenge. Here I managed to implement most of the techniques and skills that I acquired in time plus some new ones such as Virtual Reality conceptualizing and previsualizing, please see bellow the link with the progression of the development (Chronological starting from the bottom - up): https : //

In the following period from 2016 to 2021 I spent time in teaching, guiding and mentoring students at Middlesex University London. Together with my colleagues increasing considerably the course results and value. With each year, the course got better and better until it became one of the best in UK. The exposure to teaching and industry practices proved to be invaluable, allowing the expansion in teaching capabilities and deep 3D related understanding. This eventually climaxed and bore fruits where I managed to create a virtual library of video tutorials. The students found it very valuable and easy to access, and I believe generations to come will benefit from it.

On the other side of teaching and research, I did some freelance for a few studios including Ionized Studios based in US and Impressiv Studio based in Saudi Arabia - Riyadh, delivering high quality products for game usage, VFX and film.

Today my main focus has to do with research ramifications into level design, modular environments, reproduction of topological accurate data in Unreal, cinematics, Niagara particles, volumetrics and other visual scripting issues. Recently I have started working on pet project, a 3rd person ancient-historical (accurate) action / adventure game surrounding Jerusalem 33 AD.