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Most websites use so-called “cookies” to improve their user experience. A cookie is a text file that through visits or interactions with a webpage is added to your browser's internal memory. With new legislation and new EU rules on information retrieval and privacy, many wonder what "cookies" are.

The Electronic Communications Act requires that INN University informs our visitors about the use of cookies. The so-called "cookie paragraph" states the following:

§ 2-7b. Use of cookies

Retaining information in the user’s communication equipment, or gaining access to this, is not permitted unless the user is informed on which information is processed, the purpose of this processing and who will process the information, and consents to this. The first point is not an obstacle for technical storage or access to information:

  1. exclusively for the purpose of transferring communication in an electronic communications network
  2. which is necessary to supply an information societal service in accordance with the user’s explicit request.

Inserted by Act No. 54 of 14 June 2013 (in force 1 July 2013 pursuant to Decree No. 618 of 14 June 2013)

By using you consent to the storage of cookies in your web browser by us.

"Cookies" are a standard technology used by the vast majority of websites nowadays. A cookie is a small text file that is added to your browser's internal memory; it allows us to get information about how you use our webpages. Based on the statistics the cookies provide, we can improve our webpages and provide you with a better user experience. Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can opt to change your browser’s settings so cookies are not accepted. Please be advised that not approving cookies in your browsers settings will cause many webpages to not work optimally.

Like most other websites, we collect information automatically and save it as log files on our servers. This includes information such as IP addresses, the type of browser you use to browse our webpages, broadband providers (ISPs), operating systems, date and time of visit, as well as some data about navigation.

The information we collect is used to analyse trends, so that we can make our webpages better for those visiting us online. The information will only be used internally and will not be provided to any third party and/or other persons outside INN University. We never store information that can identify you personally.

Cookies used on this website

Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics on our website. Due to this, you may occasionally see cookies called __utmz. utmz tracks how you got to our website (search engine, keyword, link, etc.). __utma keeps track of how many times you've been to our webpages, so we can see how many users are first-time visitors and how many people visit our webpages more often. __utmb and __utmc keep track of how long you stay on each of our webpages and how long your visit lasts. These will be deleted when you leave our webpages.

Click here to read more about Google Data Privacy and Security.

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