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Housing Lillehammer

Male exchange student sitting on the stairs to Storhove dorm in winter and snow

International students coming to Campus Lillehammer, can choose between several housing options during their stay at INN University.


On-campus housing (SINN)

On-campus housing is administrated by SINN (the Student Welfare Organisation) with residences in several locations in Lillehammer. All residences are within walking distance from bus stops connected to the city centre and the University. Most international students choose to reside in Storhove (right next to the INN University's premises) or Smestad (halfway between INN University and the city centre). 

It is recommended for students to apply for fully furnished single rooms in a student residence. The offer of rooms and monthly rent varies for each room and location. 

All fully furnished residences include:

  • Utilities and WiFi.
  • A desk chair, a small table, closet and a single bed. 
  • Shared kitchen and social area with a private/shared bathroom. 
  • All student homes have access to laundry machines, dryers, storage space and parking (monthly parking fee of approx. NOK 175).
  • No deposit is required.

For information on different types of accommodation, including prices etc., visit

NB: a desk chair, a small table, closet and a single bed are not included in unfurnished residences. 

Specific information for exchange students

Exchange students can apply to rent a Bedding set, which includes a pillow, duvet (including covers) and curtains for a one-time fee of NOK 500. 

Exchange students are only eligible to apply for on-campus housing through SINN if they plan on staying for a minimum of 1 full semester (fall/spring/academic year). Students wanting to stay for half the semester (or less) need to check the private market. 

Application process & deadlines

Admitted exchange students will receive information from the International Office around mid-May (fall semester) or at the end of October (spring semester).

International full-degree students will receive information from the International Office at the beginning of May.

Off-campus housing (private) - only for exchange students

Every semester our institution sends out a number of Norwegian students for a semester (or two) of studies abroad. While they are abroad, some make their private housing available for rent. Our office has initiated a collaboration with these students. It entails that international exchange students coming to Lillehammer will have a possibility to sub-rent rooms or apartments of the Norwegian students.

Norwegian students usually live in either small apartments or a room in a collective (nor. hybel). Rent varies and usually stays within the range of on-campus housing.

The offering varies from semester to semester. The complete overview will become available after the application deadline per semester (1 May - fall semester, 15 October - spring semester). Our office will contact only those students who indicated their interest in the online application form (used for applying to INN University).  

NB: This offer may not be possible during spring 2021.

Please notice, that our office only provides the platform. We are in no position to dictate or negotiate arrangements. Any details have to be discussed directly between the Norwegian student (“landlord”) and the international student.

At the same time, we strongly advise students to make the arrangements as soon as possible after receiving admission, in case the arrangement is unsuccessful. Please notice that the on-campus housing application is usually due 15 June (fall semester) and 15 November (spring semester).

Private market

It is possible to rent off-campus housing through the private market. Be aware of the following:

  • The private rental webpages are in Norwegian (except Airbnb):,,
  • Most contracts (except Airbnb) lasts for 1 year (July/August to June/July). Therefore, it might be difficult for students staying one semester to find suitable housing options. 
  • Privat rental agreements often require a 1-3 month deposit (except Airbnb). Students will need to create a deposit account in a Norwegian bank. To do so, they need to have  a D-number or a Norwegian National Identification Number.
  • The International Office can be of assistance in finding relevant locations, however; it is the students' responsibility to get in touch with the landlord. 

Frequently asked questions regarding on-campus housing (SINN)

Can I decide whom I would like to live with?

Technically no. You can submit a request in the application, but it is up to SINN whether or not you will get the same dorm/floor.

Does SINN only offer dorms?

They offer dorms and apartments. International students are advised to apply for furnished dorms with either a shared/private bathroom and shared kitchen. No deposit is needed.

Apartments are mainly rented to students for one academic year (August-June). If there are particular reasons the student cannot live in a dorm but an apartment, a reason must be provided in the application. There are no guarantees that apartments are available when applying for a spring semester (exchange students). 

What is the bedding set?

Exchange students can apply for the Bedding set consists of a pillow and cover, duvet and cover, bedding sheet and curtains. The set will be in your room upon arrival. It costs NOK 500; a one-time fee included in your first invoice. Towels are not included. 

If you do not wish to have this set included, notify SINN in the application or by e-mail.

Do I need to pay a deposit for my key?

No, but you will have to pay if you lose it. For more information, view SINN's webpage for lost keys.

What shared facilities are included in the dorms?

Each dorm has its own laundry room. Washing prices vary according to each dorm. A vacuum cleaner and a broom will be at the student's disposal. The residents must purchase soap and other necessities for cleaning.

In most cases, SINN removes the leftover kitchenware and cutlery, so students will need to purchase the most essential upon arrival. However, in some cases, they do not. Students living together are recommended to share the costs by purchasing equipment together. The assigned Buddy can assist and give recommendations on where to buy this the cheapest. There are second-hand stores, IKEA Ringsaker (1 hour away from Lillehammer) and other general stores. 

My dorm application suddenly disappeared. What happened?

You need to renew your application. Please read the "Your application" part in SINN's webpage for information on renewing your application.

There is an error with my on-campus housing application. Whom should I contact?

Contact SINN at The International Office cannot be of assistance.

If I do not receive admission (full-degree student)/cancel my planned exchange, can I cancel the housing contract?

It is possible to cancel the housing contract for free, however; only within specific deadlines. More information: