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Upon departure

International exchange student in dorm room upon departure

Moving out of on-campus housing

How should I end my lease before departing?

Student staying less than 6 months cannot change the contract’s end date. Students staying more than 6 months can end their contract earlier. Please view SINN's webpage for more information on the steps of moving out.

I have moved out, but received an extra invoice from SINN. Why did I get this invoice?

The room might not have been cleaned/cleaned well enough before you departed, or damages might have happened to the room during your stay. Contact SINN directly for more information.  

Documents to finalize your exchange

Which documents do I need to complete before leaving Lillehammer?

It depends on what your home institution requires. Most EU/EEA institutions require a Confirmation of Stay/Attendance Certificate or other document confirming that you have been attending INN University. Please check your home institutions web page or ask your international/study coordinator.

When will I receive my Transcript of Records?

The Transcript of Records will be sent by post to the home institution after the grades for all exams are announced. A digital copy is also forwarded to your home coordinator.

Students studying at INN University during the fall semester will receive their Transcripts in January/February, while spring semester students will receive their Transcripts in July.

Can I get a digital copy of my final Transcript by e-mail?

The only possible way to get a digital copy of the original Transcript is to ask your home institution to forward the digital version they have received from us. This will only be possible after the original versions are generated.

If you need a temporary copy, please drop by the International Office to get a physical copy. You will need to scan it yourself.

Will all of my courses be included on my Transcrip of Records?

Failed courses will not be included in your Transcript, only the courses you have passed. Therefore, make sure not to fail a course.

I had to retake my exam, how will it look on my Transcript?

If you had to retake an exam from the fall semester and passed the exam during the spring semester, the spring semester will be written as the semester you completed your course. It is your responsibility to inform your home institution about this. It is not possible for us to change this information in the Transcripts.

I failed one course during my semester exchange, but want to retake the course next semester. Why did my home institution receive my Transcript?

We send out the original version to all students who have completed their exchange. If you decide to retake an exam and pass, a new original version will be generated and sent from us later.

When will I get my Double Degree Diploma (DDD)? (only for Double Degree students)

There is no specific date this is awarded. The home institution has to generate the Diploma before we can generate the INN University Diploma. After we receive a copy of the final Diploma from our partners, we will begin generating the DDD. The signed DDD's are sent by post to the home institution and will be forwarded to the students. 

Retaking an exam

I would like to retake my exam (to improve my grade). How can I do so?

For failed courses, you can retake the exam during the following semester. For courses where you wish to improve your grade, it can only be taken when the course runs again - in one year. If you in such a case have completed your exchange the semester prior, you need to pay the semester fee at INN University (approximately 800 NOK) in order to improve your grade. In such an instance, you have completed your exchange and have no longer the right to free enrolment at INN University.

If it is a digital home exam, you can retake the exam from wherever you are. If it is a digital school exam, it must be taken in Lillehammer. If it is a written exam by paper, please contact the International Office for further information.

You sign up for retakes in StudentWeb. Be aware of the deadlines. If you have troubles/cannot sign up, send an e-mail to the exam office in the Faculty owning the course.