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Upon departure


On-campus housing

How should I end my lease before departing?

  • Student staying less than 6 months cannot change the contract’s end date. Students staying more than 6 months can end their contract earlier. Please view SINN's web-page for more information on the steps of moving out.


I have moved out, but I received an extra invoice from SINN. Why did I get this invoice?

  • The reason might be that the room was not cleaned/not cleaned well enough, or that damages had happened to the room during the students stay. Contact SINN directly for more information.  



Which documents do I need to have signed before departing?

  • It depends on what your home institution requires. Most EU/EEA institutions requires a Confirmation of Stay/Attendance Certificate or other document confirming that you have been attending INN University. Please check your home institutions web-page or ask your international/study coordinator.


When will I receive my Transcript of Records?

  • The Transcripts will be sent by post to the home institution after the grades for all exams are announced. For fall semester, this can be in the end of January/beginning of February. For spring semester, this can be in the end of June/beginning of July. The home institution will also receive a digital copy.


Can I get a digital copy of my final Transcript by e-mail?

  • Not by INN University. You must ask your home institution to forward the digital version.


When will I get my Double Degree Diploma (DDD)? (only for Double Degree students)

  • There is no specific date this is awarded. The home institution has to generate the Diploma before we can generate the INN University Diploma. After we receive a copy of the final Diploma from our partners, we will begin generating the DDD. The signed DDD's are sent by post to the home institution, and will be forwarded to the students.