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During the semester

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Upon Arrival

How do I get to my dorm/apartment, and where can I get my key?

If you arrive by train, your Buddy will bring you to your dorm/apartment. In most cases, you will go by bus B1, B2, B3, B4 or B6, depending on the location of your dorm. Students arriving by car is recommended to schedule the pick-up outside their dorm.

Your Buddy will bring the key upon pick-up if you rent on-campus housing. If you rent off-campus housing, the owner will bring you the key him-/herself. Students who do not submit their arrival form, will not be met by a Buddy upon arrival, and in addition, must pick up their housing key at the International Office (if they rent on-campus housing). The International Office is open 08:00-15:00 Monday to Friday. 

How can I find the bus schedules? How do I purchase a ticket?

Download the app "Entur" to check the bus schedules.

Payments need to be completed by card on the bus (no cash), or in the app "Innlandstrafikk Reise". Tickets are cheaper in the app. Purchasing a season ticket is recommended, as you can travel as much as you want to for as long as the validity of the ticket. You have two options:

  • A: Digitally in the app. Choose between 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 180 days or 365 days. You save more by purchasing a season ticket. Recommended if you have free data/roaming in Norway.
  • B: A physical card purchased in the bus/Travel Information Desk in the Skysstasjon. The card costs 50 NOK and can be refilled on the bus, at the Travel Information Desk or online.  

Students, who plan to take the bus quite often to Hafjell Alpine Ski Resort, should purchase an add-on to the 30-day ticket. The cheapest option (30-day ticket w/add-on) is not available in the app. Please visit the Travel Information Desk in the train station for purchasing this option (limited opening hours). You will need to purchase a physical card (50 NOK).  

How can I find the classrooms, auditoriums, study rooms, other rooms and the different buildings in Campus Lillehammer?

An easy way to find this is to look at the online map. If the University does not show up right away, search for it. Go to the search bar and click “Søk alle steder”. Write the name of the University and the Campus (Eg. HINN Lillehammer). You can then search directly for the name of the room or look through the floors to find it. To go from one floor to the next, click on the numbers on the left side of the screen. Otherwise; ask the main reception where you need to go.

I rent on-campus housing. How do I pay my rent?

The rent should be paid before the 15th of each month. It can be paid online before arrival, or by card at the SINN Office after arrival (VISA/MASTERCARD/MAESTRO/AMERICAN EXPRESS). SINN does not accept cash. It is possible to pay the entire rent at once.

There is a defect in my room/my room is not clean/I have other problems with my room upon arrival. Whom do I contact?

Please contact SINN directly. In your online profile on SINN's web page, you have the possibility of reporting a defect/other problems to SINN. Please report it through your profile. Staff from SINN will check out the problem/respond quickly during weekdays. Do notice that you might not get an answer during weekends.

Where can I smoke in my on-campus housing? At the Campus?

It is not permitted to smoke inside your room, in the kitchen, other common areas or outside the windows/fans. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside your dorm.

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the Campus.

Can I park for free at my dorm?

No. You need to register your car at the SINN Office after arrival. The fee is approximately NOK 175 per month.

  • Students living in the Smestad or Lundebekken dorm, need to visit SINN to register their car.
  • Students living in Olympiaparken, Storhove and other dormitories can send an e-mail to directly to with full name, the dormitory of residence and the car's registration number. 

How can I change my dorm after arrival?

If you are not pleased with your dorm or have other reasons, please contact SINN, not the International Office. There are no guarantees that there are available rooms in other dormitories.

What information will be given on the Orientation Day?

The following information will be provided:

  • When and how to get the Student ID card.
  • Information on when the Exam information meeting and the Citing Sources information meeting will be held (both mandatory for new exchange students).
  • Information on police appointment for EU/EEA students. 
  • Information on student groups at Campus Lillehammer open for exchange students. 
  • General information about Norway, Lillehammer and INN University. 
  • A small introduction to the systems used by students. 

INN University

Whom at the International Office in Campus Lillehammer should I contact if I have questions regarding courses, Learning Agreement, signatures etc?

Campus Lillehammer has two coordinators;

For general questions and signatures, contact the incoming coordinator. If the incoming coordinator is away, the outgoing coordinator can be of assistance. 

How and until when can I change my courses?

The change must be approved by the home institution. Courses cannot collide. Erasmus+ students need to use the "During the Mobility" part of their Learning Agreement or provide a new Learning Agreement. This depends upon what is required from the home institution. Bilateral students need to use the second part of their Learning Agreement. Double Degree students cannot change courses.

Courses can be changed until:

  • Fall semester: 01 September.
  • Spring semester: 31 January.

How can I find the class rooms?

Each part of the University has different names. In the course schedule, each classroom has one letter (and numbers). All Auditoriums (eg. Aud-A) are located in the main building. Other rooms are located around the campus. Eg. G107 = Gamlebygget, floor 1, room 7. Do note that the TV-School on 4th floor has separate rooms (for Video Production). 

G = Gamlebygget (the Old Building). I = Internatet (together with the SINN Office). K = Nyhove. M = Montenegro. N = Nordhove. P = Paviljongen. S = Sørhove. V = Vesthove. Ø = Østhove. For an easy overview, check out the online map of Campus Lillehammer.

Is there a Gym at Campus Lillehammer? How do i sign up?

The Gym is currently closed due to the corona virus.

For approximately 300 NOK per semester, students can sign up for the Gym in the main campus building. While doing so, you can participate in as many of Lillehammer Student Sports' (LSI) activites as they wishes (soccer, handball, lacrosse, volleyball ++). 

Information on when to sign up will be given during the Orientation Day, and later in the official Facebook group for incoming exchange students. Students must pay the fee with their credit/debit card to LSI, not the International Office. It will take a few working days to get access to the Gym. The student card is then the access card, with the 4-digit pin code. Students who have not paid the fee does not have access. 

How do I enter the University outside the opening hours?

Use your INN University student ID card and the 4 digit pin-code to enter the buildings. View our web page to see the opening hours.

Is parking at the University free?

At Campus Lillehammer, yes. However, all students need to generate a user in the "Apcoa Flow" app, before logging in with ones Feide-user (student number and password). One car per user. If you cannot choose "Norway" in the app, register your user in the Apcoa Flow web page, and log in to the app afterwards.

Do notice that some parking spaces are restricted to employees. Parking in these spaces is not permitted by students. 


Will there be one/several information meeting(s) for exams and source citing?

Yes, each semester. These are mandatory for all new exchange students. Students staying one year only need to participate in the meetings during their first semester.

Can I use my student number/name on my exams?

No, do not use the student number. Use the candidate number, a number randomly given to you for the specific exam. This is due to anonymity. The sensor(s) correcting your exam should not know whom you are, in order not to show favoritism.

Your student number consists of 6 digits, while your candidate number consists of 1-3 digits. The candidate number can only be found in Student Web, and differs for each exam.

Which type of exam will I have during my exchange? What should I include in my home exam? When will I get my grades?

Some courses have oral exams, others have 3-5 hour school exams, while others have home exams. More information on the different type of exams, can be found in the main information page for exams.

In a home exam, you should:

  • Include: candidate number, number of words, date of submission, course code and name. 
  • Not include: student number, name, e-mail and other information about you. 

Grades will be given in StudentWeb:

  • Oral exams: students will get to know their grades on the last day of the exam.
  • Home and school exams: within 3 weeks after the final day of the exam. Do notice that delays might happen. If, students will be informed per e-mail.

What can I bring to my school exam? What can I not bring?

Permitted: Identification card (student ID/drivers license/other card with your picture and birth date), food and drinks, disposable earplugs, pen, pencils, erasers and highlighters. For digital school exams, you need to bring your own computer. The Safe Exam Browser must be installed on your computer in order to use the computer during the exam. An exam meeting will be held where students have the chance to download this exam.

Not permitted: Phone, watch (digital and non-digital) and notes.

For more information, please view the guidelines for examination candidates.

I need extra time on my exams, how do I apply for this?

Students in need of special exam arrangements for medical or other reasons, can apply by submitting an application form.  View the exam web page for more information and the deadline.

Is it neccessary to cite sources in my home exam? How do I cite my sources?

Yes, unless you want to be caught plagiarizing someone else's work. Cheating is not permitted, and has consequences.

For information on how to write and cite, please view the Library's web-page. There will also be an information meeting on how to cite sources properly. 

I need a temporary Transcript from INN University. How do I get this?

For a digitally signed version, order it through StudentWeb.

For a signed version, please visit the International Office, or the main desk, as you need to get a physical copy. We are not permitted to send your Transcript by e-mail.

When and where can I retake my exam(s)?

For exams where you have received the grading F/failed, you can retake it during the next semester.  If you received the grading E (or better)/passed, and you would like to improve your grade, it can only be done when the course runs - in one year. 

  • Home exams can be written wherever you are.
  • School exams must be taken at Campus Lillehammer. If students wish to retake digital school exams in their home country, an application can be sent to the Exam Office. It is not guaranteed that it will be accepted. If it is accepted, students will need to hand-write their exams. 
  • For Oral exams, it might be possible to do the exam by Skype. However, an application must be sent to the Exam Office. It is not guaranteed that it will be accepted.

How do I ask for a justification of my grade?

Within one week after the grade is published, an e-mail has to be sent to the course coordinator asking for a justification by the student. Remember to include the candidate number. Your course coordinator has two weeks to provide a justification - by e-mail or phone call.

How do I appeal against the grading?

Information on how to appeal can be found on the exam web page. Do notice that it normally takes 8-10 weeks to get an answer on the appeal. It might take longer. The deadlines for appeals against grading varies

Doctor's office and Emergency Clinic

I need to visit the Doctor’s Office (General Practicioner). Where do I go?

Call (+47) 116117 to book an appointment. If students need help in calling the doctor, please ask the Buddies or the International Office. The Doctor in charge changes every day; therefore, do note that the location might change too.

After the appointment, students need to pay a non-refundable fee for their visit at the Doctor’s Office (150-350 NOK). If the fee is not paid, an invoice will be delivered in the mail box with an additional invoice fee.

I need to go to the Emergency Clinic, how do I go there?

The Emergency Ward is located close to the city centre. The address is: Anders Sandvigs gate 17, 2609 Lillehammer. Always call before visiting the Emergency Ward. 

I need to call an ambulance, or get immediate help. Which number should I call?

Call 113.

If it does not demand immediate attention, please visit the Emergency Ward (if the Doctor’s Office is closed).