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Before arrival

Application to INN University

How do I (exchange student) apply for INN Univeristy?


What are the semester dates for the following semester?

  • The semester dates are automatically updated in the web-page for incoming exchange students. Do note that other campuses might have different semester dates. If the semester dates are not yet published, please send an e-mail to the International Office at INN University, Campus Lillehammer. 


When should I arrive in Lillehammer?

  • Recommended arrival dates are during the last days of the week prior to the Orientation Day. Arrival on a Sunday is not recommended as the stores are closed (except gas stations).


At what time should I arrive in Lillehammer?

  • It does not matter what time you arrive. A Buddy will pick you up when you arrive.


Is the pick-up service offered at the Airport/in Oslo?

  • No. Students has to travel to Lillehammer. Recommended transportation from the airport is by train (VY).


When will my buddy contact me?

  • The Buddies are assigned according to the information given in the Arrival Form. Students will be contacted after the deadline for submitting the Arrival Form. International Office will give information when the Buddies start contacting students.


Application for on-campus housing

When should I apply for on-campus housing?

  • SINN opens the housing application for incoming exchange students after the application deadline per semester. Students should wait until they have received the Acceptance Letter. This letter is given after the application deadline for INN University, Campus Lillehammer. To read more, please view the housing information for exchange students


How do I apply for on-campus housing?

  • Admitted students will receive an e-mail together with their Acceptance Letter which includes information on how to apply.


What is included in the Bedding set from SINN?

  • A pillow and cover, duvet and cover, bedding sheet and curtains. Towels are not included. 


Do I need to apply for a Bedding set from SINN in my housing application?

  • No. However, you need to notify SINN if you do not want this set. The set costs 500 NOK (the fee is added to the first invoice) and is automatically added for the incoming exchange students. 


Will my shared kitchen be fully equipped?

  • Most likely no. In most cases, SINN removes the left over kitchenware and cutlery. However, in some cases they do not. Students will need to buy what they need upon arrival. It is recommended that students living together share the costs and buy equipment together. The assigned Buddy can assist and give recommendations on where to buy this the cheapest. There are options of second-hand stores, IKEA Ringsaker (1 hour away from Lillehammer) and other general stores. 


Can I rent off-campus housing?

  • Yes. However, it is recommended to rent through SINN. The easiest option for off-campus housing will be informed by the International Office in the information e-mail after the application deadline. The off-campus housing options we offer are in collaboration with the students going abroad the parallel semester. Students can rent off-campus housing through other sites if wished (Airbnb or other). 


Residence permit


How do I apply for a residence permit?

  • Please view our web-site for the guide.


When should I apply?

  • As soon as you have received the Admission Letter and the Certificate of Eligibility, which is given after the application deadline.


What is INN University’s organization number?

  • 918108467


I cannot book an appointment with the police station in Lillehammer after arrival/there are no available appointments. What should I do?

  • Try to book an appointment with the Police Station in Gjøvik or in Hamar.



Do I need to apply for a residence permit?

  • No, it is not needed. EU/EEA-citizens only need to register with the police. Students whom are studying in EU/EEA, but are not EU/EEA-citizens, must apply for the residence permit by following the guide


When should I register with the police?

  • Within 90 days after your arrival in Lillehammer. This can be done through UDI's web-page.


General questions

Which documents should I bring to Lillehammer?

  • Student ID from home Institution. Passport and/or Identification card (EU/EEA-citizens). Students from outside EU/EEA must bring their Passport. Health card (EU/EEA-citizens) or other documents with your insurance information. Credit/debit card (VISA/MasterCard/Maestro/American Express card) which has no fee per use.


Which sports/student groups is there at Campus Lillehammer?


Can I exchange money from EURO to NOK in Lillehammer?

  • No. There are no exchange offices in Lillehammer. Remember to exchange money in the Airport upon arrival.


Can I send a parcel to the University with my stuff before I arrive?

  • No. Parcels must be sent directly to your dorm address. You need to be in Lillehammer to pick up the parcel. Make sure to add the complete address. Example: Smestad dorm: Name of receiver, Smestadvegen 14 (A/B/C/D) H (room number), 2619 Lillehammer, Norway. Parcels which does not include the room number will most likely be sent in return. 


I plan on driving to Norway. How do I pay the Norwegian toll fees?

  • Everyone driving with a car has to pay the Norwegian road toll. It is recommended that students whom are driving to Norway with their foreign car, register their vehicle with EPC plc (Euro Parking Collection) before the journey, in order to easily check and pay the invoice(s). It is recommended that students staying more than two months should register for an AutoPASS contract and toll tag; however, it is not necessary.


I would like to get a part-time job in Lillehammer. How can I do so?

  • Getting a part-time job in Lillehammer is not easy for students who cannot speak Norwegian. Most types of jobs has a requirement of Norwegian. The best recommendation is for students to print out their resume and go around the city of Lillehammer. No part-time jobs are available at the INN University.