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Directions to Lillehammer


Arrival to Norway

If you arrive to Norway by train, you will arrive at the central station in Oslo. From there you can continue by train to Lillehammer. The trip takes approximately 2 hours.

If you arrive by Airplane, you will most likely land in  Norway’s national airport, Gardermoen, Oslo airport. The airport is situated between Lillehammer and Oslo. Gardermoen has good connections to all main cities in Norway, and the rest of the World.

Direct train connection Oslo Airport Gardermoen - Lillehammer

The Norwegian State Railways (VY) has a direct train connection between Gardermoen, Oslo airport, and Lillehammer, which departs every hour. The railway tracks run alongside lake Mjøsa for a fair amount of the journey. Total travelling time is about 1 hour and 40 minutes. You can book the train ticket in advance (online), or buy it at the airport. Buying tickets in advance might save you some money. 

Information about tickets, timetables, destinations and booking.

The train company SJ (webpage in Norwegian) offers trains running from Oslo Central Station (through Oslo Airport Gardermoen) to Trondheim, with a stop in Lillehammer. The trains require a seating reservation and have much less space for luggage compared to a VY train. It is not possible to use a VY ticket for an SJ train, and an SJ ticket for a VY train. Unless you plan on travelling further than Lillehammer, we recommend choosing the VY train. 


Train station pickup

All international exchange students are assigned a Buddy who will contact them before arrival. The Buddies will pick up the students at the Train Station in Lillehammer and show them to their accommodation.  


Buss connection from the train station to the campus

From the train station (nor. Skysstasjon) in the city center, there are a number of busses (nr. B1, B2, and B4 - with B4 being the fastest) going to INN University in Lillehammer (bus stop: Høgskolen i Innlandet/Storhove). It is recommended to download the app "Entur", where one can easily find the bus schedules. Schedules can also be found online.

Once you get off a bus, please follow «the Red Tower» which is located at the main entrance to the University's premises. 

Guide for visiting staff

This guide is aimed at academic and administrative staff from partner institutions who would like to visit INN University, campus Lillehammer.


Who do I contact?

Send your request by e-mail to the International Office at Campus Lillehammer. Please state the nature of your visit, including the preferred date.

If you have been in touch with other employees at INN University, you can request their assistance if needed. 


Letter of Invitation and program for your stay

The International Office will contact the relevant Faculty on your behalf. If the Faculty is able to host your visit, we will send you a letter of invitation and work out a program for your stay, based on your qualifications and professional interests.


Accommodation in Lillehammer

For information on accommodation in Lillehammer, please check out  the official web-page for Lillehammer