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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar for exchange students

For the updated list on exam dates, please see the table below. 

Fall 2019

Spring 2020


12 Aug: Orientation Day

12-18 Aug: Buddy Week

19-23 Aug: Classes begins



06 Sept: Mandatory Exam Information Meeting

10 Sept: Extra Exam Information Meeting

25 Sept: Seminar on how to cite sources



02-28 Oct: Exams



05-19 Dec: Exams

20 Dec: End of Semester

24 Dec: Christmas Eve

25 Dec: Christmas Day

26 Dec: Boxing Day

31 Dec: New Year's Eve


13 Jan: Orientation Day

13-19 Jan: Orientation Week

14-19 Jan: Classes begins

22 Jan: Seminar on how to cite sources 

29 Jan: Mandatory Exam Information meeting



07 Feb: Mandatory Exam Information meeting (extra)

10 Feb: Seminar on how to cite sources (extra)



Exam Period



Exam period 

05 Apr: Palm Sunday

09 Apr: Maundy Thursday

10 Apr: Good Friday

11 Apr: Holy Saturday

12 Apr: Easter Monday



Exam period

01 May: Labour Day

08 May: Liberation Day

17 May: Constitutional Day

21 May: Ascension Day

30 May: Pentecost Eve

31 May: Whit Sunday



Exam Period

01 June: Whit Monday

12 June: End of Semester



Exam Calendar for exchange students

Do notice that changes might happen, and that this calendar only applies for exchange students. For more information on exams in general, please view the web-page for exams. For information on the exams for each course, please view the explicit information for your chosen courses.

Fall 2019

Spring 2020


02-10 Oct: Contemporary Scandinavian Fiction (BA)

04-11 Oct: Visual Sociology (BA)

21-28 Oct: Event Management (BA)



05 Dec: Introduction to Management Science (BA)

10 Dec: Video Production (BA)

10/11/12 Dec: International Peace (BA)

12 Dec: Introductory Econometrics (BA)

12/13 Dec: Media and Politics (BA)

17 Dec: Corporate Finance (BA)

19 Dec: Strategy (BA)



17 Mar: Global History (BA)

24 Mar: Disability and Society (BA)



14 Apr: Social Psychology (BA)

15-17 Apr: Creative Industries and Innovation (MA)

Late April: Term Paper (BA) (only for DD-students)



11 May: Biological Psychology (BA)

14 May: Cross Cultural Communication (BA)

18 May: Brand Management (BA)

18 May: Brand Mangement and Innovation (MA)

20 May: Nature-based Tourism and Ecotourism (BA)

20-22 May: Project Management in Innovation Processes (MA)

27 May: Cognitive Psychology (BA)

28 May: Snow Business (BA)



02 June: Participation, Inclusion and Justice (BA)

03-05 June: Sustainable Business Model Innovation (MA)


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