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Student groups and NGOs

Campus Lillehammer has a variety of student groups available to international students. In the beginning of each semester, students have the possibility to meet and sign-up for the student groups they would like to join.

Student groups

Gaming Society

The Gaming Society is the group for students who love to play board games and/or other games. They host Gaming nights throughout the semester, which are open for everyone who would like to join.

Kultur- og Samfunnsutvalget i Lillehammer (KulSam)

KulSam aims to promote unity among students, by creating interest, joy and development for cultural and political issues through lectures and other events.

Lillehammer Impro

Lillehammer Impro is the student acting group focusing on everything from theater sports to improvisational theater. Students do not need prior knowledges within acting to participate.

Lillehammer Movie Club

Lillehammer Movie Club is  a student organisation at Campus Lillehammer. They screen movies every week, and arranges movie and TV-quizzes every other Tuesday in Café Stift.

Lillehammer Student Sports (LSI)

LSI is Campus Lillehammer's official student sports club. They offer a variety of sports for its members. A membership costs approximately 300 NOK per semster. Students who pay the membership fee get access to the Campus Gym, and can participate in as many sports as they would like to. To check out their sports offer, view their web-page (only in Norwegian), and do check out their Facebook page.

LilleRøst (choir)

LilleRøst is the Student Choir at Campus Lillehammer. They offer practices, social gatherings, conserts and a trip to London for its members. They practice every Wednesday from 17:00-19:00. Everyone is welcome to join.

The Music Group

For students who play instruments, sings or raps, this group is suited for them. With a membership, students gets access into the music room in the Campus Lillehammer building, and an opportunity to get to know other musicians. More infromation can be found by contacting them

The Outdoor Group

The Outdoor Group is the main student group for outdoor events. They have three areas of focus, such as hiking, climbing and extreme sport. 

Radio Vibb - Lillehammer Student Radio

If you are interested in participating in the radio broadcasts, or would like to join the student group, check them out on Facebook. The broadcasts are sent directly from the main building in Campus Lillehammer.


Skhilåmi is a student group for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Their main focus is to provide a good social environment for Lillehammer's students, by organizing fun and exciting events. Some of their most famous events includes the yearly cabin-trip to Hemsedal, surfing trips to Stadt, trips to Hafjell and more. 

Start Lillehammer

The student group Start Lillehammer works to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship through a variety of events.


StInn is a party-political independed interest organization that safeguards and works for the academic, democratic and welfare rights of the students at INN University. Each year, a Norwegian students is elected to be the representative for international students. StInn has the students well-being as their most important goal, and are engaded in internationalisation. If students notice areas if improvements or want to give a positive feedback, it can be done through this web-page. Do check out their Facebook page.


Studenten is a Coffee Shop located in the bottom floor of the main building in Campus Lillehammer. They host a variety of events thorughout each semester, and cooperates with many of the student groups. Students can also sign up as volunteers for Studenten.

The Våryr Festival

The Våryr Festival was held for the second time in spring 2019. It is run by volunteering students and young adults in Lillehammer, with reasoning of making the world a better place. Våryr is a meeting place between the artistic, muscal and socially critical, and is one of the main actors in bringing the Norwegian, urban music and societal debates to Lillehammer. Visit their web-page for more information (only in Norwegian), or check out their Facebook page.

Other Student Groups and Non-Governmental Organizations

Amnesty Lillehammer

Amnesty International is an independed global organisation that strives for the equality of all people. They inspire people against injustice to bring the world closer to human rights and dignity enjoyed by all. Amnesty Lillehammer is a local branch, led by students in Campus Lillehammer.

Laget (Christian student group)

Laget is a Christian student group, for students who meet up and want to share thoughts, pray, eat, read the Bible and have conversations. To read more about the aim of the group, check out their main web-page, and the Facebook page for the local branch in Lillehammer.

Psykologiforbundet Lillehammer

The Psychology Association has a local branch in Lillehammer. The Association is the only Norwegian Union where students of higher education within Psychology can be gathered and share knowledge. Check out their Facebook page for more information (only in Norwegian).

Reiselivsforeningen (RSF)

Reiselivsforeningen is a union for students and employees at INN University, Campus Lillehammer. The union acts as a link with information about tourism and education. They arrange a variety of events. 

SAIH Lillehammer

SAIH, or known as the Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund, works to improve the conditions for education and development globally. SAIH Lillehammer is a local branch with a main goal to inform about the problems students, academics, surpressed groups and others experience in different countries. They arrange events, movie nights and more. For more information, check out the main web-page of SAIH, or the Facebook page of SAIH Lillehammer.