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About Lillehammer

Campus Lillehammer summer

The main campus building has a beautiful stone fasade, made of Otta slate embedded with iron particles. Through the seasons the iron particles corrode, giving the building its beautiful and characteristic natural ornamentation.

Exchange student downhill skiing in Hafjell. Snow, blue skies and winter clothes.

Lillehammer is located in beautiful surroundings at the northern end of lake Mjøsa (Norway’s largest lake).


Located approximately 2 hours away from Oslo City by train, Norway's capital city, Lillehammer is known to be a famous tourist destination (especially during winter). The city has a total number of over 28.000 inhabitants, which approximately 5.000 are students studying at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Campus Lillehammer.

In addition to being a famous tourist destination, with places such as Hafjell alpine resort and Maihaugen outdoor museum, Lillehammer is a true student city with a variety of bars, cafes, clubs and restaurants. The student hub 'Studenten' located on campus organizes parties, social events, concerts and quiz nights. Lillehammer's official website provides an updated overview of upcoming activities and events in the region.

For the culturally minded, there are a number of museums and art galleries to choose from. Lillehammer also offers a variety of other festivals, cultural and sports events such as a Jazzfestival, the Norwegian Festival of Literature, Culture Night, the Amandus Youth Film Festival, World Cup events in ski-jumping, down-hill skiing, slalom, and cross-country skiing and the Birkebeiner race, a long-distance (54 km) cross-country ski marathon from Rena to Lillehammer. After lectures, students can spend time at the ski-slopes (the nearest alpine resort is just 20 minutes from Lillehammer), hiking and enjoying the stunning nature. 

During winter, the Lillehammer region is truly a winter wonderland. The first snow usually comes in November, and from December to the end of March the landscape is covered in white. Very few places in the world can offer a vast selection of snow-related activities such as; cross country skiing, snowboarding, downhill skiing, tobogganing, (dog) sledding, etc. Alpine ski centers are usually open from late November until the middle of April.

Olympic Games 1994 and Youth Olympics 2016

Lillehammer is best known for hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 1994. The city has a long tradition for organizing World Cup events in ski-jumping, down-hill skiing and cross-country skiing. Many of the sport venues (ski jumping and ice hockey arena, bob track, ski slopes) from 1994 are still being used to organize big sports events throughout all seasons. In 2016 Lillehammer hosted the 2nd Winter Youth Olympic Games. The entire Lillehammer area has a truly spectacular scenery: mountains, lake Mjøsa, waterfalls along the Mesna river and kilometres of beautiful hiking and cycling routes.