Contact information Evenstad

Timber at Evenstad

If you are in need of help, there are many who can assist you or direct assistance your way.

International coordinator

Elisabeth Riseth
Phone: +47 62 43 08 15

Reception Evenstad campus

Phone: +47 62 43 08 80

Study Guidance

Mona Sagen
Phone: +47 62 43 08 78

Contact person for students with special needs:

Please contact student administration,

Student adviser

If you need help or support during your study period, are dealing with achievement anxiety, mental or social difficulties, please contact social counsellor:

Trine Nygaard
Phone: +47 906 92 847

For more information visit SINN’s website.

Health centre

The Youth Health Centre provides free services to students. The Health Centre is located in Koppang, Storgata 103, on the Health Centre’s premises.

Stor-Elvdal municipal health centre

Opening hours:

Monday–Friday 0800 – 1500

Phone: +47 62 46 34 00.

In case the need for services arises after office hours, call the after-hours medical helpline 116 117.

For emergency help call 113

Please refer also to the municipal website